when ever i’m killing time and/or trying to avoid things i should be doing eg writing a term paper, reading a book for school, laundry i let my mind wander and wonder and ponder big cultural questions: like these.

why is david archuleta’s “crush” so cool and full on pop-a -licous but that kid kind of creepy  ?

why is someone as sublime as annie lennox reduced to the hot mess that is the ama’s?and how is it that each time she sings “why” it does it, each time. and her skin??! whaaat? amazing.

explain the whole promise ring thing. what does it say when3/4 of the top ten acts are promise ringers and can there be a middle ground between christian chastity and pole dancing..please. oh. even that ship has sailed (and then some) can i get a promise ring  to keeping it from hitting icebergs ?

isn’t one of the jonas brothers’ 20? so how can he be your boyfriend if there’s no sex? am i some twisted slut? it was the 80’s” it’s not my fault.

how is it that for the best several years  i am hard pressed to come up with an end of the year top 10?

and how come i don’t even care any more?

and.. all this 80’s- synth, 808(not k-west’s album)  flash dance cut off shoulders,mo-hawks crap. listen to me. No. No. No.the 80’s weren’t all it’s crack up to be: ask my liver.

i’m done. carry on.


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