verses from the abstract.

the other night, in between having a dream that i was sleeping on the steps covered in cheese, maybe melted. don’t ask, i thought about the story i’d read about beyonce performing at the inaugural ball.

several things came to my mind. one- let a nation a join in prayer that B isn’t styled by her mother.

two- michelle is some kinda woman to allow her husband to be that close to beyonce… i’m just saying, but again, michelle could kick young b’s ass and i will place money on that.

but my main , chief reflection was that when beyonce hits the very first note of “at last”(kinda cool choice of song, huh?) that the wife of a rapper was enjoying the honor of doing such. that the wife of a guy who was born in the marcy projects, sold drugs,alledgedly stabbed “un” rivera and in general lived a life that usually doesn’t make it to the white house: or at least not knowingly , was singing the first song at the first ball of the first black president that won the first election that my first(and only) son voted for and first president that his first and only mother, voted and worked for with passion … jigga whaat? that was a cultural change that was hard to deny. at 5 in the morning. while i was covered in cheese.
trust. jigga in the white house doesn’t come close to history in the true earth shattering we can change the world possibility of obama’s 8 years in office but, wow. ain’t that america.

now back to the hbo obama concert which already is cool. the boss? come’on! mary? bettye lavette, yeah they look like they’re lipsynching but even so. we’ve got a prez and a first lady who know the words to “lean on me”. come’on ?jamie foxx shouting out chicago , the “312” and michelle standing up? those obama kids who are too cute for words giggling and the older one(malia?) taking pictures of not only the crowd, but her dad? COME’ON, DAMN if for the music alone this is going to be the best 8 years of our lives!
sure, i’m getting a lil bit worn out from all the lincoln comparisons and could do with out the serious readings from tom hanks but one can not expect a hot 97 concert or springsteen show at such an important time.
oh. what’s up with marissa tomei’s hair?


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One Response to “verses from the abstract.”

  1. HowkusPowkus Says:

    and Marian Anderson! Oh wait…it’s josh groban…and…okay, Heather Headley. I thought it might have been Vanessa L. Williams for a sec. Rock a bye.

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