1/20 pt 1

it’s gonna be a teary, emotional few hours
i’m already welling up everytime they show the crowd on the mall or a shot of michelle and barack leaving church.


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2 Responses to “1/20 pt 1”

  1. HowkusPowkus Says:

    Maybe God is sending you a message that you need to go shopping at Albee Square mall.

  2. your ole pal keishya Says:

    i was tearing up as well and was glad to hear the announcement that MS Aretha herself would sing..but..eeks..she must have been feeling down in the weather as her voice was less then her presence would indicate…but crying throughout in spurts and stops…what the future holds is promise, work and hope for more better days to come. love the recognition that we have a long road ahead but even more the respect and cknowledgement of the history of blood, sweats and tears that have built the road upon which we are privledged to now try to walk…

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