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Not for Nothin’ – Episode 3.0

February 7, 2009

Part of writer Amy Linden’s plan

for world media domination.

February 2009 – Episode 3. Running time 28:00

On this installment, Amy Linden talks hope and stretch marks with the sublime and Grammy nominated Stephanie Mckay. The BX native’s latest, “Tell It Like It Is” hits stores in March and is currently available, just like this podcast, on iTunes!

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The Only Cramps That Matter

February 5, 2009

a few hours ago i got an email telling me the 2good 2b 4gotten lux interior passed away. for any true punk rock fan lux’s death is not just tragic but yet another reminder of how original is hard to come by and how not giving up or selling out might not always pay the bills but may just assure you a plus one in the heaven vip.
for those of you late to the party lux interior, along with his wife poison ivy founded the cramps- the punk a billy gods(and goddesses) who for more than 25 years celebrated everything odd, creepy, sexy and cool. think boris pickett meets betty page meets elvis’ dead twin meets ec comics meets stilletos meets things that go bump in the night- when the cramps hit the stage you knew you were going to see a band that did it their way and for whom, every day was halloween. “human fly”. “garbage man”. “goo goo muck”: each 2 minutes plus of atmosphere with a steady beat- like the white stripes; the cramps did more with less but didn’t need hipsters and hype to let folks know. they rose out of the downtown nyc punk scene and while they never got the international recognition some of their peers might have, you just knew that lux was the kind of rock star any lead singer kinda wished he could be.lux was everyone’s dark side
they were the very first band i ever interviewed. berkeley, 1979, the original lineup. there was ivy(lux’s wife and the deadliest chick in R&R) bryan gregory- owner of cheekbones that could cut a man dead- and lux. 6 foot plus a shock of jet blue black hair, skin tight(like tight)leather pants and attitude to spare.he wasn’t so much as good looking as compelling. he reeked of nasty…the best kind, of course.
he prowled the stage, growling into the mic , rolling around on the floor screaming, speaking in tongues, licking his lips, shoved the mic down his pants- dangerous and dramatic and charismatic enough to make you sell your soul and be all the better for it. american gothic, mid west macabre. hot damn they were amazing .

i saw the cramps maybe 3-4 times; the last time at the old irving plaza with the ramones. i mean i was with the ramones, or standing next to them. or maybe it was the other way around. hadn’t paid them much mind over the past few years but was happy to know that the cramps kept on keeping on- no remixes for lux and ivy. the cramps forever. lux r.i.p

if i were to have an affair with a married 60 ish rock star

February 3, 2009

it would be bruce springsteen.
now i have always dug him. i even sat through the mopey folky records- wait. actually i liked those. i wasn’t mad for “magic” but a not as great bruce cd is still better than anything coldplay can or ever hope to record. i haven’t spent time with “working on a dream” but i hear it’s good and any man who can go from singing with pete seeger in front of the president to rocking out with silvio in front of fans with their faces painted cardinal red…. that’s the man for me. plus my pal marc anthony thompson aka the sublime chocolate genius was in the seeger sessions band, which means bruce has good taste and put $ in said pal’s pocket. plus bruce is married to patti scialfa who is hot, talented and married to bruce. yes. 3/4 of bruce’s fans, except for all the people that i know, are quasi meatheads who have misconstrued his lyrics of failed dreams and the slow death of the working class into flag waving sing alongs of american supremacy. yes max weinberg is annoying to look at and hear- no swing. no swing. yes clarence clemmons is also annoying , but but but. bruce springsteen. tight black jeans. got you where i want you grin on his face. sliding on his 60 ish knees on live tv. swinging a guitar around his neck with a precision a drill team would covet. come on. sometimes i don’t always love rock and roll and sometimes that’s because i’m not allowed to but hot damn. bruce springsteen. i salute you.. my man.