if i were to have an affair with a married 60 ish rock star

it would be bruce springsteen.
now i have always dug him. i even sat through the mopey folky records- wait. actually i liked those. i wasn’t mad for “magic” but a not as great bruce cd is still better than anything coldplay can or ever hope to record. i haven’t spent time with “working on a dream” but i hear it’s good and any man who can go from singing with pete seeger in front of the president to rocking out with silvio in front of fans with their faces painted cardinal red…. that’s the man for me. plus my pal marc anthony thompson aka the sublime chocolate genius was in the seeger sessions band, which means bruce has good taste and put $ in said pal’s pocket. plus bruce is married to patti scialfa who is hot, talented and married to bruce. yes. 3/4 of bruce’s fans, except for all the people that i know, are quasi meatheads who have misconstrued his lyrics of failed dreams and the slow death of the working class into flag waving sing alongs of american supremacy. yes max weinberg is annoying to look at and hear- no swing. no swing. yes clarence clemmons is also annoying , but but but. bruce springsteen. tight black jeans. got you where i want you grin on his face. sliding on his 60 ish knees on live tv. swinging a guitar around his neck with a precision a drill team would covet. come on. sometimes i don’t always love rock and roll and sometimes that’s because i’m not allowed to but hot damn. bruce springsteen. i salute you.. my man.


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