Watch The Throne-the afterparty

No- I haven’t heard it yet. Yes, i tried to download without asking permission; that situation was taken care of toot sweet. I even asked my son f he knew how to get the cd, uh, on lay away and he replied, something along the lines of why don’t you just buy the damn thing; as if.
So is it any good? are we now listening to the most incredible? will i be able to get through a kanye track without wanting to choke the model-izer outta him(while not denying his talent). does jay still have something to say other that he’s said and done and spent it all and he’s on to the next one. I guess i’ll have to sit down, find a “legal” web site and listen to the damn thing; oh i can recall the days, misty water colored memories of when writers used to get sent the darn cds …but that’s for another time.
i have to say that the OMG level of hype already has me worried. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was quite good but time capsule worthy? not quite . anyways this is an exercise in theoretical until i hear the thing


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